RV Power Inverters & Battery Chargers

Whether you’re driving the RV across the country or staying at a campsite for the weekend, Leaptrend Power Inverters are the perfect solution for powering all of your electronics. Our power kits are perfect for those living on the road, who still want to do things like make coffee in the morning, charge their devices, keep in touch with family, or watch a movie at night.
Leaptrend Power Inverter and Charger Bundle make it easy to stay connected or enjoy the simple pleasures of life while traveling in your RV.

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Outstanding Customer Service – Providing exceptional customer service is our top priority. For product specification expertise, sales support, and technical assistance, talk to someone the first time you call, guaranteed.

Certification - Our products are certified to industry standards (UL, CSA, and FCC) and are field-proven for exceptional performance under the most extreme conditions.

Industry Proven Product Reliability – Critical communication customers depend on Leaptrend to keep their command centers and regular operations running when normal power is interrupted or down.

Manufacturer Innovation – Leaptrend is the manufacturer. We offer customization or private labeling for your specific project needs. Learn more about our OEM Services.

RV Living Applications

Camp Lights | Power Tools | AC | Fridge | Microwave | Coffeemaker | Laptop | TV | Mobilephone | Camera & Video | Communication | Navigation | Security

Leaptrend inverters are ideal for any type of RV, allowing you to power up your entire electrical system while on the go. Our inverters have been designed with multiple protection measures to provide safer, efficient, and reliable power to your RV.

Maximizing power in a small space is a key consideration for gear as the campers, travel trailers and RVs are often tight on space. Our compact Pure Sine Wave Inverters and Battery Chargers provide quiet, reliable power for all your on-the-go essentials.

When camping outdoors, you may find that your RV parked for a long time, and affecting the efficiency of the inverter and charger. With our compact products, you can easily enjoy low current mode and high efficiency conversion.The Full load efficiency exceeds 92%. It is easy to run for refrigerator, air-conditioner, microwave, etc.

Monitoring the status of equipment and electrical appliances is easier with Leaptrend power inverters. Through the LCD screen, you can always enjoy a safe RV life by knowing if the inverter is working properly.

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