Shipping policy

We hope you have enjoyed your online shopping experience with Leaptrend. Please read below for more information about our shipping and delivery policy.

1. Type of Transport

The express companies we cooperate with and commonly used are: UPS, USPS, and FedEx. We support the designated courier company.

Delivery time: delivery within  1-7  business days of placing an order, urgent orders  cannot  be delivered during holidays.
Due to force majeure, our regular delivery session may be longer than usual. If you didn’t receive your package in over 14 days, please contact our customer service.

If there is a delay, such as the delay of the product to the warehouse on the same day, the logistics problem cannot be delivered in time, etc., we will contact you in time by email.
During the transportation, we will follow up on the logistics in time, and tell you the transportation method and order number of the product in time when shipping. If there are problems with the product during transportation, such as Lost, we will inform you in time. And reissue it for you in time. Please rest assured that we will keep track of your logistics information until you receive it.

2. Shipping

First of all, we support delivery to the Continental U.S., Spain, Portugal, Italy, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Finland, and Germany. The main market of this website is the  USA  Except for Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and Guam.
For each country's shipping area, freight, and other information, the following table:


Shipping fee

Order amount

Shipping days

Continental U.S.


$100 and above




$100 and above






You can purchase other orders that exceed the area in the form. If it cannot be sent or the shipping fee is too expensive, we will contact you via email to help you cancel the order.
Sales tax does not exist.

3. Update order delivery

If you want to change the address before the product is sent, you can contact us in the email, we know the information of your order update, and we will deliver the goods to you according to the accurate address. If you don't want the product or want to change to another product before sending it, you can contact us and we will cancel the order for you.

Update the order in transit: If you want to update the order address after the item is sent, you can contact us in the mail, we will communicate with the logistics provider, and it may be unsuccessful to modify the address. Or we will give you a contact number, and you will communicate directly with the courier (it is recommended to carefully check the order information when purchasing, so as to avoid unnecessary troubles).

4. Other freight delivery charges:

  • Delivery to remote areas may incur additional costs of up to $50 - $280.
  • Delivery to limited access areas such as schools or churches will incur additional costs starting at $50.
  • Deliveries that require a change of address or rescheduling will be subject to storage fees ($20/day) and/or rerouting fees ($75 - $300). 

5. The item never arrived (lost in transit)

If you have never received the purchased product, please rest assured, we will reissue a new intact product for you or give you a full refund. Regarding the loss of the package, we will contact the logistics company, and you will definitely receive the product you purchased.

If you have any further questions, please leave a message or send us an email at or give us a call at +86 18167286798.