Which Inverter Should You Choose For RV Camping & Suggestions For Using Inverters For RV Camping|Leaptrend 3000/6000 Watt Power Inverter Pure Sine Wave DC 12V to 110/120 Volt AC Converter for RVs, Trucks, Heavy Duties, Caravan, Coffee Vans, Camping

Best RV Inverters

In summary, though, here are our top pick:

Best All Round RV Inverter: Leaptrend 3000w 12v Inverter

Why Choose Leaptrend

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Certification - Our products are certified to industry standards (UL, CSA, and FCC) and are field-proven for exceptional performance under the most extreme conditions.

Industry Proven Product Reliability – Critical communication customers depend on Leaptrend to keep their command centers and regular operations running when normal power is interrupted or down.

Manufacturer Innovation – Leaptrend is the manufacturer. We offer customization or private labeling for your specific project needs. Learn more about our OEM Services.

How To Choose The Best Inverter For Your RV

If you are looking for the perfect 12v inverter so you can use your household AC appliances in your camper, there are a few features you should be looking out for.

If you’ve already calculated the size of the inverter you need and are ready to choose your inverter, we recommend you read that post first.

If you’re simply looking for information at this time, here’s a quick summary of the things to look out for:

  • Type of RV Inverter – modified or pure sine wave
  • Inverter Size – Continuous Power or Running Power and Peak or Surge Power Rating
  • Input Voltage
  • Output Voltage
  • Static Current or No-Load or Idle Consumption
  • Efficiency Rating
  • Price
  • Safety Features

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