Base Station Energy Storage

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Product Description:

  • Smart and friendly
    Support third-party access and EMS cloud scheduling, Multiple operating mode options Intelligent charge and discharge management technology, Extended battery life supports fast response.
  • Cost effective
    Supports functions such as peak shaving and valley filling, demand management, black start, etc. High efficiency, deep discharge, intelligent air cooling for more loads, and no work frequency reduction.
  • Safe and reliable
    Improve fault protection mechanism and real-time monitoring of operating status
    Three-level battery management protection strategy
    Comprehensive thermal management design
  • Flexible and convenient
    Modular design, easy to install and maintain good compatibility, and Expandable on demand to support multiple sets of parallel use, covering a wide range of capacity

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As a brand in the field of power technology, Leaptrend has always been committed to providing users with high-quality, high-performance products. 4 in 1 Micro Inverter has won the trust and praise of users with its excellent performance and stable quality. We promise to provide you with a full range of after-sales services so that you can enjoy a worry-free power experience during use.

Stable Energy Supply

Base Station Energy Storage is an energy storage solution specially designed for communication base stations. In the case of unstable power supply or sudden power outage, it can provide continuous and stable power to the base station to ensure the continuous transmission of communication signals and keep your communication unobstructed.


Our products adopt advanced energy storage technology, have high energy density and long cycle life, ensuring stable power supply for a long time. Whether it is a base station in a remote area or a communication node in the city center, Base Station Energy Storage can provide you with reliable power guarantee, making your business operations more stable and efficient.

Easy Operation and Maintenance

Base Station Energy Storage has a built-in intelligent management system that can monitor energy storage status, power usage and fault warning in real time. Through remote monitoring and maintenance, you can keep track of the energy status of the base station at any time, easily perform operation and maintenance management, and save time and labor costs.

The Signal is Unobstructed

During large events or sporting events, communication needs increase dramatically. Base Station Energy Storage can provide reliable power support for temporary base stations to ensure smooth communication at the event site. Whether it is audience interaction, media reporting or emergency dispatch, you can get timely and accurate communication services.

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