Will a 2000 Watt Inverter Run an Air Compressor?

  An air compressor is a versatile device that can be used to inflate tires and provide air pressure for a variety of construction projects and tools in workshops and garages. Typically they run on electricity or gas, but how big of an inverter do you need to run an air compressor?

 How big an inverter is needed to run an air compressor?

  A 500 watt inverter can run a basic 12V 15 amp air compressor. However, a 1 HP 120V air compressor requires a 3000 watt inverter.

3000 watt power inverter

 Calculating air compressor inverter power requirements

  There are several types of air compressors ranging from household portable units to large factory-installed stationary systems. We will focus on equipment for home and studio use.

  To calculate the size of the inverter power supply for the air compressor:

  Total watts per hour + 25% = inverter size

  If your air compressor uses 350 watts;

  350 + 25% = 437

  Round up the power of your power inverter to 500 watts. We recommend using a pure sine wave system that will start your compressor running as soon as the power is connected.

  Because compressors serve different purposes, their capacities and specifications come in a wide range. On one hand, you have the basic 12V air compressor for inflating tires and gadgets. These typically draw 15 to 30 amps or approximately 180 to 360 watts.

  The high-end products are air compressors designed for heavy-duty applications in workshops. These devices typically run on 120 volts and draw 15 amps or 1500 watts. This is different from the 15 amps that small compressors draw because small compressors run on 12V instead of 120V.

2000W battery inverter

 Additional Considerations

  Battery Capacity

  Ensure that your battery has sufficient capacity to provide the required power to the inverter for the desired runtime. Consider the battery's amp-hour (Ah) rating and its ability to sustain the power demands of the air compressor.

  Wiring and Connections

  Use appropriate wiring and connections to minimize power loss and ensure safe and efficient operation.

  Safety Precautions

  Follow safety guidelines and manufacturer recommendations when operating an air compressor with an inverter. Ensure proper ventilation and avoid overloading the inverter or the air compressor.

  In conclusion, whether a 2000 watt inverter can run an air compressor depends on the specific power requirements of the air compressor. Consider the power rating, surge power, continuous power output, efficiency of the inverter, battery capacity, and follow safety precautions. It is recommended to consult the manufacturer's specifications and seek professional advice if needed to ensure compatibility and safe operation.

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