Off-Grid & Back-Up Power Solutions

Off-grid power is appealing for its environmental benefits, cost savings, and freedom to live remotely. Enjoy peace of mind that you’ll have the critical back-up power you need during adverse weather conditions or grid outage. Whether you live in a tiny-home, a rural location, or choose alternative energy over grid utilities, Leaptrend has the reliable power you need to be self-sufficient. Power safety and communication equipment, maintain your food supply year-round with an off-grid greenhouse, or build an intelligent hybrid power system to save on energy costs and reduce your environmental footprint. Our wide selection of DC-AC power inverters, inverter/chargers and solar panels allow you to build an off-grid power system you can rely on.

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Industry Proven Product Reliability – Critical communication customers depend on Leaptrend to keep their command centers and regular operations running when normal power is interrupted or down.

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Off-Grid Power Applications

Communication | Security | Video Surveillance | Lights | Power Tools | Residential Appliances | Electric Fence | Sump Pump | Office Equipment | Camera & Video Gear

Leaptrend manufactures a wide range of reliable power systems. From remote cabins to rural communities, our solar and power products will allow you to not just live but thrive off-grid.

It’s important to be prepared with back-up power in case the grid supply is cut off or you are stranded due to a natural disaster or adverse weather conditions. Our off-grid solutions includeSolar KitsandInverter/Chargersto charge battery banks, andCharge Controllersto control the distribution of this energy

Rural electrification in developing countries is expensive and can take years to build the infrastructure required to supply grid power. Leaptrend Solar Panels and our PST Series Inverters have been installed in rural communities to supply off-grid electricity needed to power lights, tools and appliances. The impacts are immediate with lasting benefits to education, productivity, and the health and well-being of these communities.

Off-grid agriculture relies on renewable energy to power electric fences and greenhouses. With ourSolar Panels,Charge ControllersandInvertersyou will have reliable power to monitor and control the internal temperature of your greenhouse, and keep your electric fence working year-round.

For communities who require self-sufficient off-grid power for their homes, farms, church or business, we have a complete line ofSolarandPower Conversion Productsto build a system that meets your needs. Our extensive product line allows you to easily expand your system in the future and get technical support with one simple phone call.

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