Off-Road Power Inverters

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If you are looking for a power solution that can power your offroad vehicle, allowing you to go beyond the paved roads, you can count on Leaptrend - we design and build our products with you in mind. Whether you’re going into the wild for a few nights or a few months, Leaptrend has you covered so you don’t have to worry about keeping your electronics charged. Recharge your devices on the go, power your camp fridge and kitchen appliances, charge up your vehicle battery, or keep essential devices running in case of an emergency.

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Certification - Our products are certified to industry standards (UL, CSA, and FCC) and are field-proven for exceptional performance under the most extreme conditions.

Industry Proven Product Reliability – Critical communication customers depend on Leaptrend to keep their command centers and regular operations running when normal power is interrupted or down.

Manufacturer Innovation – leaptrend is the manufacturer. We offer customization or private labeling for your specific project needs. Learn more about our OEM Services.

Off-Road & Overlanding Applications

Communication | Navigation | Laptop | Camera & Video | Mobilephone | Security | Camp Lights | Power Tools | AC Fridge | Microwave | Coffeemaker

If you're a serious overlander and off-road adventurer, you have probably struggled with power issues in the past. Leaptrend Power Inverter for Off-Road is the perfect solution for vehicles that don’t have a built-in power system, which gives you the freedom to live off the grid without compromising your comfort.

Leaptrend Pure Sine Wave Power Inverters provide AC power from your vehicle's battery to charge your GPS, cell phone, laptops, and other devices – whether you're exploring the backcountry, away from civilization or just visiting family.

When you're out on the trail, every bit of space counts. The Leaptrend Compact Power Inverter for Off-Road Vehicles has auxiliary outlets that provide an easy connection to power your entertainment system and other electronics.

Explore the world in a whole new way. Whether you’re exploring sandy beaches or snow-capped mountains, Sirius Pure Sine Wave Power Inverters are ready to help you capture every moment of your adventure.

Don’t let the lack of access to grid power stand in the way of your productivity. Install the Leaptrend Power Inverter on your work trailer, truck, or ATV. This compact inverter produces enough power to run a variety of tools, appliances, and more while conserving your backup battery system.

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