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Excellent inverter supplier

Leaptrend offers a variety of power solutions to help you adapt to different environments all through your travels and explorations. Enjoy your time without worrying about power.

We are a professional manufacturer of high-quality inverters and batteries, using advanced pure sine wave technology to provide you with high-quality products. We will continue to develop more innovative products to meet the diverse needs of customers. We look forward to working with you to create a better future together.

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Inverter and Battery Charger

High quality: Our inverters utilize advanced pure sine wave technology to provide high quality AC power, which effectively protects your household appliances and electronic devices, especially sensitive ones.

Versatile usage: Our inverters are suitable for various settings, including homes, RVs, trucks, and camping, to fully satisfy your power needs.

Multiple options: We offer inverters in 700W/1000W/2000W/3000W, which allows you to select the appropriate power output according to your specific needs.

Inverter supplier service

1. Pre-sales consultation: provide you with technical consultation, including the functions, performance parameters, and usage scenarios of the inverter.

2. After-sales service: the services provided by the inverter manufacturer can include maintenance and upkeep, troubleshooting, technical training, etc.

3. Technical support: answer your questions during the usage process and assist you in solving various technical problems.

4. Warranty services: help customers reduce usage risks and provide timely maintenance and replacement services.