Who Are We

It might be the first time you hear about LEAPTREND, but we are not freshmen in the clean energy industry; in fact, LEAPTREND has been in business for nearly 30 years. We've been deeply rooted in developing, engineering, and manufacturing clean energy equipment and accessories, constantly exploring energy solutions that are more advanced, sustainable, and safe. Fast forward to today, we realize that clean energy is not only for those big guys; we all deserve to enjoy technological advancement and renewable energy welfare. Thus, the online store you are viewing was born.

What Makes LEAPTREND Stand-Out

Committed to Technology and Innovation

Technology and innovation is the heart of us.
Backed by a strong technical team, we own
dozens of industry-leading research technologies and invention patents. In the trend of renewable
energy, LEAPTREND is constantly pushing the
envelope to pair the right product, no matter what the weather, location, or equipment it is used for.

People-oriented Philosophy

LEAPTREND respects the independence and uniqueness of each individual and believe that each person has thepower to create the things they love. Our solutions
take the headache out of energy limitations and allow
you to succeed anywhere, anytime. We value all
customer feedback; every word from you shapes the
next work. On the other hand, LEAPTREND cares about every employee and provide a safe, equal, growable,
and decently paid workplace for them.

Safety Priority

Our top priority is the safety of electricity use. Multiple protection mechanisms are designed
into the product; during the manufacturing
process, double safety testing will be done
from raw materials to the final products.

Leap to Future, Follow Green Trend