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Our inverter for home system makes use of a battery bank that energises an inverter/UPS device. The battery charger draws energy from the mains and keeps the units at an optimal level. When electricity from the grid fails, the power inverter for home seamlessly transfers energy from the battery bank and converts the DC power to AC power. When electricity is restored, the load is automatically transferred. The stored energy in this unit provides the necessary power to run multiple devices in your home or business, depending on the size of system.

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Home Backup Power Applications

Communication | Security | Video Surveillance | Lights | Power Tools | Residential Appliances | Electric Fence | Sump Pump | Office Equipment | Camera & Video Gear

We sell power inverters for homes and small offices which can supply safe electricity (Pure Sine Wave) during power outages. Our power inverters can power lights, plugs and appliances, so load shedding is something you no longer notice. If you are working from home or a small business, our inverters can ensure you have power for computers and wifi to continue with your work uninterrupted. Free yourself from Power company during load shedding.

It’s important to be prepared with back-up power in case the grid supply is cut off or you are stranded due to a natural disaster or adverse weather conditions. Our Homeback include Inverter/Chargers to charge battery banks, and Charge Controllers to control the distribution of this energy

When power from the grid fails, the Inverter seamlessly transfers power from the battery bank and converts the DC power to AC power. When power from the mains are restored, the load is automatically transferred.

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