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Leaptrend is the manufacturer. We are at the forefront of innovation when it comes to power conversion products. Our diverse range of reliable, efficient, and durable products are built to withstand the tough challenges and demanding conditions your workforce faces on the job every day. Extreme weather, continuous run-time, and heavy loads – we’ve put our products through rigorous field-testing to ensure optimal performance and maximize productivity.
Technology and innovation is the heart of us.Backed by a strong technical team, we own dozens of industry-leading research technologies and invention patents. In the trend of renewable energy, LEAPTREND is constantly pushing the envelope to pair the right product,can be your preferred manufacturer of power conversion products.

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Outstanding Customer Service – Providing exceptional customer service is our top priority. For product specification expertise, sales support, and technical assistance, talk to someone the first time you call, guaranteed.

Certification - Our products are certified to industry standards (UL, CSA, and FCC) and are field-proven for exceptional performance under the most extreme conditions.

Industry Proven Product Reliability – Critical communication customers depend on Leaptrend to keep their command centers and regular operations running when normal power is interrupted or down.

Manufacturer Innovation – Leaptrend is the manufacturer. We offer customization or private labeling for your specific project needs. Learn more about our OEM Services.

Mobile Fleet Applications

Mobile Office Equipment | Power Tools | Emergency Back-Up | Site Lighting | Video Surveillance | Construction Lights | Critical Communications | Security

Leaptrend is a proud supplier of Inverters, Inverter/Chargers, Battery Accessories and Inverter Installation Kits for North America’s top manufacturers 、European top RV/ TRUCK manufacturers and upfitters of work trucks and work vans.
We understand the demands made on these truck power inverters. They must be reliable and safe, preventing any down time.
There are lots of things you can do with a power inverter. For work truck use, it can open up new business opportunities when you are far away from the nearest conventional electrical source.

As Fleets become more sophisticated and their requirements become more complex, Truck OEMs rely on partners like Leaptrend to help drive innovation forward. The Leaptrend Sirius Series is the number one choice for work truck fleets. With its wide DC input range, the PST will operate with new high output vehicle alternators without causing the inverter to shut down. Combine this with its one-wire remote technology, the PST series helps prevent work truck operators from depleting their batteries past their critical voltage levels, maintaining battery life and maximizing efficiency.

Long distance trucking and utility and telecom fleets spend extended periods of time out in the field and require reliable mobile power. Our  Inverter/Chargers are designed with a surge rating of 3X its continuous power output, allowing fleet operators to run high surge tools and equipment that require heavy power on start-up and longer run times.

Keeping your work truck fleets mobilized with limited downtime is top priority. With our  Inverter/Chargers, installers can get fleets up and running faster by taking advantage of the cloning feature of the SD card in the remotes, resulting in reduced labour costs and streamlined installation.

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